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Laurelin Retreat is a holistic health and retreat center located on 56 acres of fields and forestland in the beautiful Green Mountains of central Vermont. Facilities are divided into three general areas: the Woods, the Field, and the Farm. Each area has its own kind of accommodations and sights.


The Woods

The Woods are 30-plus acres of woodland including a variety of species of tree, such as birch, oak, spruce, hemlock, elm, pine, and the ubiquitous Vermont maple. The Laurelin Woods are mostly surrounded by beautiful, centuries-old stone walls. For natural beauty we have a clear running brook, a natural spring, and some small cliffs. The area has been enhanced with the addition of a meditation circle, several small shrines, and fire pits with natural benches. We have recently built a wooden platform stage with stairs and audience seating. We have very active spirits of place that you can often see of feel if you are vigilant.


All of the accommodations in the Woods are camping. There are wooded, mossy, and grassy areas available. The fire pits can be used for cooking and other activities. There is an outhouse in a central location, and more portable toilets can be provided at the entrance to the Woods if desired. Hot and cold showers are available in the Field.


The Field

There are about 20 acres of fields at Laurelin. Home to a variety of grasses, wildflowers, herbs, and wildlife, many people prefer to camp under the sun and stars rather than under the branches and leaves. Fire pits and an outhouse, and hot and cold showers are available.

The Field is also a popular site for weddings and other special events. The Field is accessible for those with mobility issues, and can accommodate a large number of guests. There is also a large grassy hill overlooking the Field that provides stunning views of the mountains and valleys. This area is available for weddings, portraits, and camping as well.


The Field is also home to a Labyrinth for walking meditation.


The Farm

The Laurelin Homestead is located down at the Farm. See Our History for more about our family’s connection to the land. For activities at the Farm, we have chickens in the red chicken coop, and two miniature donkeys in the barn for you to visit. There is an Elemental Garden showcasing herbs and flowers representing each of the four elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.


Accommodations include the yellow ranch house on site, which contains a bedroom, living room, full kitchen, bathroom, and an outdoor deck. There is some space for tenting as well. The blue mobile home is private and is not available for rentals.


For weddings and events we have 30 ft. x 30 ft. white tent that attaches to the frame off of the deck of the ranch house. The floor is grass, and there is a modest wooden platform for a ceremony to take place, or a band to perform. Tables and chairs are available.


Portable toilets and hot and cold showers are available.


The All Faiths Chapel, an 8 ft. x 8 ft. “tiny church,” is close to the house. See Other for more about the Chapel.


Classes, Workshops, and Rituals

Laurelin frequently offers classes, workshops, and ceremonies on a variety of spiritual, health, and farming topics.


  • Drumming circles

  • Seasonal/lunar celebrations

  • Meditation and yoga

  • Paganism and magic

  • Esoteric Christianity

  • Nature walks

  • Organic gardening/husbandry

  • Wool spinning

  • Herbal medicine and holistic healing

see Education and Events for upcoming classes.


Holistic Healing at Laurelin

Laurelin offers consultations and treatments in a variety of healing modalities including Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbalism, and lifestyle counseling), Ayurvedic Medicine, Reiki, Spiritual Counseling, Homeopathy, and others. Practitioners are fully trained and licensed when available. See Healing for more information.


Wedding Officiant

Reverend Kirk White has over 30 years of experience officiating at lifecycle events including baby blessings, handfastings and weddings, and funerals and memorials. Kirk will work with you to craft the ceremony you wish. Contact us, or see Kirk’s website for more information.


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