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Laurelin Community Events Calendar


Laurelin Retreat has been holding events and classes on this beautiful land for almost 30 years.   Over that time, hundreds of people have laughed, cried, grown, played, and raised their children here.   We have become a nonresident community of friends, partners, teachers, students, parents, children, and so much more.


Our vision statement:

"Laurelin is a community of individuals seeking a greater understanding of their personal spirituality through relationship with one another, Laurelin Retreat, and the many traditions which have linked humans to the divine throughout time."


We invite you to join in our community.


Check out our "Laurelin Community" Facebook page.  Feel free to join, introduce yourself, read what has gone before and jump right in to any conversations, questions or discussions that interest you.  You will find that we are a very gentle and friendly collection of people with a wide range of interests, an impressive array of talents, skills and knowledge and quirky, eclectic tastes.



And we're fun!




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