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Holistic Healing at Laurelin


Laurelin offers consultations and treatments in a variety of healing modalities including Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbalism, and lifestyle counseling), Ayurvedic Medicine, Reiki, Spiritual Counseling, Homeopathy, and others. Practitioners are fully trained and licensed when available.


Traditional Chinese Medicine


Kirk White, MA, L.Ac. provides acupuncture, Chinese herbology, and diet and lifestyle counseling. Together these modalities are known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Kirk has been practicing TCM in central Vermont for over 20 years and has successfully treated patients for a wide variety of conditions. Contact us to set up a consultation.

Folk Medicine and Root Work


Hoodoo, or Root Doctoring, is a type of spiritual healing that comes out of  Appalachian Folk Medicine. It uses herbs (internal and topical), incense, oils, candles, prayer and "spells" to cure health, wealth, relationship and other problems.


Laurelin Retreat maintains an active "spirit altar" for various kinds of working.   Upon request, we would be happy to burn a healing prayer on our altar for you.  For more complicated/ involved work, please contact us to discuss prices, offerings, etc.


Other Healing Modalities


Counseling: Kirk White, MA, L.Ac. is a rostered psychotherapist in the state of Vermont, and offers psychological and spiritual counseling.


Kirk also offers Energy Work:

- Reiki  (Level 3 - Master/ Teacher)

- Emitted Qi Gung


Laurelin Retreat also offers Ayurveda, 


- Panchakarma

- Indian Herbology

- Ayurvedic Bodywork

- Diet and Lifestyle counseling


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