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The sights of Laurelin. Click on a thumbnail to choose a photo. If you want to see the photos even bigger, click again on the expanded photo and it will bring you to a full-size slide show.

Couple on the apple tree hill, with view of the mountains and valley.

Couple getting married under the tree, Rev. Kirk White officiating.

And they're married!

A quiet moment in the field as the leaves begin to turn. Laurelin Retreat rents out space for camping events.

Bellydance workshop at Lughnasadh 2015.

Sunlight through the blue windowpanes on the back side of the (newly painted!) Chapel.

Laurelin Retreat rents to outside groups. This large arts collective fills the woods with bright lights, sounds, and merriment each year.

Laurelin Retreat hosts its own events, such as the annual Lughnasadh gathering with workshops, rituals, and games. Here a teacher leads a class on herbalism.

The community shrine. Laurelin community members gather here every Lughnasadh to share what has happened over the year, and leave offerings at the foot of the shrine.

Entrance to the woods, looking out over Laurelin's valley.

Looking out to the valley, together.

Rev. Kirk White performs a wedding in the field at Laurelin Retreat.

Tree by the entrance to the main field. In warmer weather, the place for impromptu musical gatherings.

Building (the first version of) the Laurelin sweat lodge.

Gathered around the Community shrine after working on the sweat lodge.

The Chapel, one of the newer additions to Laurelin Retreat. Serving all faiths, this tiny Chapel (approx. 8' x 8') provides a unique backdrop for weddings.

Pentagle gate at the entrance to the upper fire circle. Can be adjusted to allow a vehicle through.

Roses on the entrance wall.

Embracing in the receiving line in front of the Chapel.

Hen party on the front deck.

Laurelin Retreat's own four-legged water sprite, Liam the corgi.

The barn with its inhabitants, Daisy and Petunia, the miniature donkeys.

This mild-mannered antique wheel gets adorned with glow sticks and rolled down the hill at Laurelin's Midsummer ritual.

The wheel all lit up at Midsummer.

The view.

Laurelin's apple tree at the top of the hill.

Kirk places the Elemental flags from Lughnasadh 2015.

Concert at Lughnasadh 2015

Elemental house, "Air," at Lughnasadh 2015.

Elemental house, "Fire" Lughnasadh 2015.

Elemental house, "Water," Lughnasadh 2015.

Elemental house, "Earth" Lughnasadh 2015.

Ranguli around the upper fire circle, Lughnasadh 2015.

Blue moon, 2015.

The final touches on the Chapel's paint scheme: gold doors!

Kirk tapes the doors in preparation for spray painting.

Dedication and spiritual intention decorate the Chapel. Also a lot of spray paint.

The Chapel is painted!

Another view of the painted Chapel with the music tree in the background.

Blue bottles adorn the tree by the Chapel.

The bottle tree next to the Chapel.

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