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The Sights of Laurelin, Part 1

Vermont is filled with amazing natural landscapes, so what makes the Woods of Laurelin unique? There are many reasons, but today I want to focus on a few of the physical ones: the stage, and (some of) the shrines and gathering places.

The photos that follow are Laurelin in its untouched beauty. Expect more trail clearing and landscaping in the future.

2014-11-01 04.03.04.jpg

The classic view at the entrance to the Woods. The Community shrine on right.

2014-11-01 04.07.00.jpg

The Hermes shrine, marking the crossroads.

2014-11-01 04.15.27.jpg

Wait, is that a STAGE in the Woods? And are those logs benches for the audience? Yes, indeed.

2014-11-01 04.15.56.jpg

Another view of the stage. We have stairs. We keep it classy.

2014-11-01 04.21.29.jpg

Fire pit between the Hermes and Water shrines.

2014-11-01 04.23.34.jpg

The Water shrine

2014-11-01 04.24.08.jpg

Another view of the Water shrine.

There are plenty of other shrines and special spots in the Woods. Check back for more in this series!

#stage #shrines #Vermont #nature

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