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The Sights of Laurelin, Part 1

Vermont is filled with amazing natural landscapes, so what makes the Woods of Laurelin unique? There are many reasons, but today I want to focus on a few of the physical ones: the stage, and (some of) the shrines and gathering places.

The photos that follow are Laurelin in its untouched beauty. Expect more trail clearing and landscaping in the future.

The classic view at the entrance to the Woods. The Community shrine on right.

The Hermes shrine, marking the crossroads.

Wait, is that a STAGE in the Woods? And are those logs benches for the audience? Yes, indeed.

Another view of the stage. We have stairs. We keep it classy.

Fire pit between the Hermes and Water shrines.

The Water shrine

Another view of the Water shrine.

There are plenty of other shrines and special spots in the Woods. Check back for more in this series!

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