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Elementals All Around

Thank you so much to everyone who lent their energy to Laurelin's Lughnasadh 2015: Elemental Spirits. These Elemental forces--Earth, Air, Water, and Fire--connect to create a treasure greater than each Element on its own. We found that this festival was all about connections: between people, the land, and the forces that shape our lives.

Long-time friends found their bonds deepened, like-minded individuals met and relationships blossomed, and ideas found new spark and growth through education and conversation. Musicians and artists discovered new expression and possibilities. Our rituals and sacred fires were made more sacred though each person’s laughter, movement, sound, or quiet focus. The physical site was prepared by many hands, and the meals were shared as a community. The public got to connect with a little of Laurelin life at our open-house marketplace, visiting our vendors, psychics, and sampling our workshops.

As always, it is truly an honor to host this festival, and to see the magic that is created. We already have next year’s event date planned, and are looking for folks to get involved and volunteer! Our facebook event page is here. Or email us and tell us what you’re interested in.

More Lughnasadh photos are in our Gallery.

If, like many of us, you are in a little bit of Laurelin withdrawal, fear not!

Our Harvest Gathering is the evening of September 12. We will have a ritual, fire, drumming, and socializing. More details to come.

Our Samhain Gathering is the evening of October 31. We will honor our ancestors through the traditional silent supper. This is a potluck event, bring a dish your ancestors enjoyed (my great-grandfather loved hot dogs, for instance). We hope to see you all soon!

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