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Laurelin Milestone: New Driveway!

Those of you who are familiar with Laurelin are aware that our driveway becomes a squishy pit during mud season, with room for 1 ¾ cars (we have 2 cars, so you can imagine how that works out). Hosting gatherings during that time of year is…challenging.

When we were discussing site improvements necessary to make Laurelin a more attractive place to rent, the driveway topped the list.

Behold: our new driveway!

It’s so flat! And dry! And even! Backing up feels downright luxurious.

This will make our Wholeshare deliveries a lot easier. Plus, it comes just in time for our Lughnasadh festival, which this year includes an open to the public “Psychic Faire.” Getting in and out of the driveway for registration and so on just got less complicated.

Now rest assured that when you attend Laurelin for a workshop or event, you will be able to concentrate on the content and not whether you’ll need help getting out of your parking spot.

Next phase: Kirk is building a wheelchair accessible ramp from the driveway into the house. We’ll keep you posted.

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