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It was an honor that our friends Kristin and Carlo chose Laurelin Retreat as their wedding venue. Kristin had a clear vision for the event, and we learned a lot from her excellent eye for presentation and detail.

Kristin came up with the plan to use all three of our event tents attached together. This had never occurred to us, and the result was a spacious, visually-pleasing area for the 80 guests.

The 10 x 10 pop-up tent was placed on a wooded platform for the DJ;

The 20 x 10 tent housed the buffet dinner, with a special area for their custom cake;

And connecting both of these was our 30 x 30 tent, which served as the dining area.

Other elegant touches included the purple and white wisteria flowers in the branches of the tree, framing the couple as they made their vows.

Co-owner Amy Danley-White created several new potted flower arrangements to supplement the roses on the entrance wall.

The bride and groom’s receiving line was in front of the Chapel.

Rev. Kirk White officiated the nuptials. It was wonderful to see such joy. We wish Kristin and Carlo the utmost happiness in their lives together!

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